Discussing Upsetting News

The attack on Ukraine is on the minds of many young people - and adults. Here, we share some resources for discussing upsetting issues in the news. 

The attack on Ukraine by Russian forces is in the news, and on the minds of many young people and adults.

It can be helpful to allow young people time and space to reflect on upsetting news like this, and share their thoughts and feelings. Here are a few guidelines and approaches for discussing difficult issues in your classroom.

Suggestions for Discussing Violent Events in the News
General guidelines for talking sensitively with students who may be upset about recent acts of violence in the news.

Discussing Tragic Events in the News
Here are some basic questions to help students share thoughts and feelings about an upsetting event, and additional guidance.

5 Tips for Teaching Current Events to Younger Students
Talking with children about current events can be rough terrain but it's important because it provides a way to build compassion and critical thinking and, at the same time, address their most important questions.  

How Do I Handle a Heavy Circle?
Well-facilitated circles can give students a chance to listen and share their thoughts and feelings about difficult or emotional subjects. Here are some suggestions for facilitating a circle in which strong emotions surface.