Using Circle to Build Community

In her new Edutopia article, Marieke van Woerkom shares guidelines for facilitating meaningful circles that build community and skills in the classroom. 

In her new piece on Edutopia, Morningside Center senior trainer Marieke van Woerkom notes that restorative circles are most effective when they’re an integral part of school culture. "After all, you can’t “restore” a community that you haven’t built or sustained."

Marieke shares guidelines for using restorative circles to proactively build the skills and relationships students will need when challenges arise.

She outlines seven steps for facilitating meaningful circles, from creating a safe, supportive space to listening closely to what students share so that you can build on their experiences:

When the talking piece comes back to you, touch on what you felt, noticed, or heard. If you sense that there’s more than surfaced in the first round, send the talking piece around a second or third time, asking students for their connections, reflections, or additions. 

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