A New Path Toward Equity

Morningside Center's Tala Manassah and Tom Roderick and researcher Anne Gregory share what we're learning about how to create more equitable schools in their article for The Learning Professional, published by Learning Forward

What does it take to create equitable schools where all students thrive?

Morningside Center is partnering with researchers from Rutgers University on a federally funded Investing in Innovation (i3) research project that is testing one promising approach.

In their article for The Learning Professional, Tom Roderick, Tala Manassah, and Anne Gregory lay out the thinking behind the research project, and share some lessons learned so far. Creating an equitable school is “like building a house” with three integrated components, they argue:

You need SEL skills as the foundation to build meaningful relationships. Restorative practices, and circles especially, offer a powerful container in which to practice the skills and build a  powerful sense of community. 

When you add brave conversations about race among members of the school community, leading to putting systems and structures in place that elevate the worth and dignity of every student, the three parts become a full house: a more equitable school.

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