Peer Mediation, Peace Helpers, and Student Leadership

Each year, Morningside Center trains and coaches hundreds of peer mediators and peace helpers in a wide range of schools. These young people help resolve conflicts peacefully, often reducing suspensions and other disciplinary problems. We also provide technical assistance to help schools set up effective student leadership programs, including diversity panels. These programs are most effective in schools that are already fostering students' social & emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom.  

Our programs include:

Peer Mediation. Selected young people, grades 3-12, (usually 25-30 students per school) learn basic SEL skills and master a step-by-step mediation process. They then serve their schools by mediating disputes among their peers, working in teams of two, with adult support.

Peace Helpers. Students from grades K-2 work with their teachers to establish classroom Peace Corners and help their classmates address problems and conflicts.  For more information on Peace Helpers see the video above or check out this Edutopia video about our Peace Helpers Program at PS 24 in Brooklyn. 

Diversity Panels. Panels made up of students representing various forms of diversity make classroom presentations to trigger discussion of how the school can ensure respect for all. Find out more about diversity panels