Diversity Panels



Morningside Center's Diversity Panel Program enables students themselves to take the lead in encouraging a climate of caring and respect in their schools.

Through the program, selected students visit classrooms to share their experiences of being “different” in some way (related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, body size, physical ability, language, learning ability, or other attributes), touching on both their experiences of bias and ways they’ve challenged it. Then, students who have heard the presentation have a chance to share their own stories about bias and discuss how we can stand up for ourselves and for others who are targeted.

Morningside Center supports schools in providing careful preparation and support for both students and teachers, ensuring that discussions are gently guided by knowledgeable adults. For more information about the program and its impact, see our video above, and this blogpost.

If you are interested in developing a Diversity Panel Program at your school - or arranging a visit by Diversity Panel students from another school to visit your school - please contact us.