You Can Spark Change in Our Schools!

Our #BrooklynGives campaign starts today!  See the latest update.

The Brooklyn Community Foundation selected Morningside as a finalist for the Spark Prize, which goes to organizations that are committed to racial justice and have a demonstrated impact in Brooklyn.
As part of this wonderful initiative, the foundation wants to give a boost to organizations like ours by helping us find new allies in the community who can support our work. They have awarded us a $5,000 matching gift, and provided a platform through #BrooklynGives to help us connect with new friends – people who believe in the work we do and are willing and able to step up and support it.
Are you one of those people?
High school students in a circleIf you want every child to feel a sense of connection and belonging at school, if you believe that both young people and adults benefit from developing their social and emotional skills and their racial awareness, if you believe that equity should be a priority in our schools…. then please consider supporting Morningside Center. Our work has a proven and powerful impact on young people, educators, and schools in Brooklyn and beyond. 

Please give - and do it today, because the Brooklyn Community Foundation’s matching grant means that right now, your gift will be doubled!
Thank you from all of us at Morningside Center.