Morningside’s 2022 Accomplishments

2022 presented plenty of surprises for educators, students, families – and us. We were honored to be able to support so many schools in need. Here are some highlights of our year.

accomplishments sheet


DEMAND: Hundreds of NYC schools sought training and coaching from us in fostering culturally affirming social and emotional learning (SEL), building community, integrating restorative practices, and advancing racial justice. We also continued to expand our work outside NYC, including in upstate New York, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia. 

GROWTH: We are so excited to welcome new staff members Dionne Grayman, Lilith Hedrington, Victoria Iglesias Nieves, Edgardo Rivera; and new staff developers Rusa Fischer, Beata Moon, and Ava Schlesinger! 

REACH: In the 2021-2022 school year, we provided our 5-day SEL/restorative/racial equity training for nearly 3,000 educators, coached educators at 210 schools, and reached some 21,000 students. In summer 2022, we trained an additional 800 school staff across 36 cohorts. We also began an exciting partnership with Harlem Renaissance Education Pipeline and Community School District 5 to support school leaders, educators, parents/caregivers, and students in schools across Harlem.

IMPACT: Researchers reported promising preliminary findings from our Investing in Innovation (i3) study – even though Covid dramatically cut the study’s length. In just one year, the project led to reduced discipline incidents and a 60% reduction in the likelihood that a student receiving one out-of-school suspension would get another. Staff in project schools showed more empathetic perspective-taking and cultural awareness and knowledge than those in comparison schools.

AFTER-SCHOOL EXPANSION: With support from the Pinkerton Foundation, we launched a new program to bring our comprehensive SEL/restorative/racial equity model to after-school programs. And through our ongoing partnership with NYC’s Department of Youth and Community Development, we provided training for nearly 500 after-school staff from 75 CBOs.

MEDIA: We shared our knowledge widely with pieces in Education Week (Mental Health Crises Are Bombarding Our Schools. Here’s What We Can Do), Principal Leadership (The Holistic Nature of Restorative Discipline), and Edutopia (Steps for Collective Well-Being in the New School Year). Our website received over 700k pageviews in the year.

RESOURCES: We shared a rich set of free resources for teachers, including Teaching as an Act of Solidarity: a Beginner’s Guide to Equity in Schools. We also shared hundreds of free lessons through our TeachableMoment resource collection, posting an additional 48 new activities over the year and building our library to over 1000 lessons.

DONORS: In FY22 we raised $75k from YOU—our individual donor community.

GRATITUDE: Thank you for making all these accomplishments possible and for being part of our community.