Morningside Center’s 2023 Accomplishments

We're excited to share with you some highlights from our work over this past year. Thanks to our individual and foundation supporters who helped make all this possible! 

2023 has been a busy year at Morningside Center! Here are a few of the high points. 


  • Extensive Support for NYC Educators. In the last school year, Morningside Center delivered our 5-day training in social and emotional learning (SEL), restorative practices, and racial equity for 155 cohorts of NYC educators, reaching thousands of educators and tens of thousands of students. We provided advanced training in restorative practices (Tier 2) for 27 cohorts of educators. We supplied schools with 1,309 new curriculum kits


  • Expanded Parent Work. The NYC Department of Education asked Morningside to create new workshops for parents and caregivers. This year we developed ten new parent workshops, in both English and Spanish, on topics including building a caregiver community, self-care for families, conflict resolution, grief and loss, and the adolescent brain. 


  • A Rich Harlem Partnership. A highlight of work this year has been our partnership with the Harlem Renaissance Education Pipeline and Community School District 5 to revitalize the educational landscape of the district by advancing culturally responsive and affirming SEL. This year our team has worked in almost all of the district’s 23 schools to rebuild trust, restore relationships, and build skills, working with administrators, crisis teams, social workers, caregivers, teachers, support staff, and students. 


  • SEL & Equity in After School. Our work with after-school programs is spreading! Between January and July alone, we provided our 24-hour workshop series – and follow up on-site coaching – for staff from 14 NYC after-school programs. We provide direct support for after-school staff in integrating community-building, SEL, and an equity focus into their programs.

  • Sharing the Learnings. This year our team has presented at conferences including CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning), Change Philanthropy’s Unity Summit, Community Schools and Family Engagement, the International Institute for Restorative Practices, and the National Afterschool Association. 

  • Generating New Resources. We created and shared 35 new lessons on our TeachableMoment online resource center on everything from handling stress to working for climate justice.

  • The Keith & Miller Training and Support Fund. We received a $500,000 grant from the Charles Lawrence Keith and Clara Miller Foundation to ensure continuing professional development for our incredible team of 30 trainers/coaches. Visit our website to learn the amazing story of Charles Lawrence Keith, whose foundation is dedicated to “the preservation and defense of human rights and opposition to tyranny and oppression.” 

  • Your Record Generosity. We raised a record-breaking $119,000 from individual donors like YOU – and we hope to break that record again this year!