An Invitation to Co-Create the Future of Education

We are excited to share a new video offering a preview of an equitable future of public education with connection and care.

Building an equitable future for public education is a collective effort. It requires connection, care, and co-creation. It requires close listening to the voices of all members of the school community from students and families to those working in the cafeteria and driving the school buses. It requires structural change and the slow building of trust. 

When we enter this path together, we can begin to experience the just and joyful world of our dreams right now. Morningside Center’s work in schools may be immediate, hands on, and practical – but the huge beauty of this work, the potential of it, is clear to us every day.

We see signs of transformation in the small moments. We see magic in those common everyday occurrences that signal something is different here: A child notices that he is being listened to. A teacher who took a risk by opening up a difficult discussion in her classroom is moved by all that her students share, and she glimpses new possibilities for herself and her students.
We are excited to share a new video that gives you a glimpse of what this magic looks like in a school – from the vantage point of our own staff developers, the endlessly talented people who bring our work into schools every day.

An Invitation to Co-create the Future of Education from Morningside Center on Vimeo.


Want to be part of the magic? Please join us for our new series of spring webinars on self-care for educators, fun online activities for students, and SEL strategies for parents.

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How Does this Magic Happen – and How Can I Bring It to My District or School?

Morningside Center partners with schools and districts to design tailored plans for school transformation. This includes:

  • Training and coaching in research-based PreK-12 curricula for all students to build community, promote equitable practices, and foster social and emotional learning in every classroom
  • Training, coaching, and support for school staff and leaders in fully integrating restorative rather than punitive approaches for preventing and addressing harms
  • Engagement of all members of the school community in courageous conversations on race and equity 

We invite you to join us in co-creating the future of education!

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And here are some of the folks behind the scenes who make this work possible!


Morningside Center Staff