After-School Programs

Morningside supports after-school programs in integrating social and emotional learning and fostering social responsibility in their work with young people.


Our three PAZ after-school programs serve about 500 K-8 students in Brooklyn and the Bronx. Each year, we also provide workshops for hundreds of staff from other NYC after-school programs. 

Program Quality

Evaluators from New York City's Department of Youth and Community Development rate the quality of our PAZ after-school programs as "far above standard" in program practice, compliance, and administration.


Surveys of after-school students engaged in our C Squad curriculum found increased levels of trust, empathy, optimism, critical thinking, perseverance, and academic motivation.

After school is a great time to help young people develop and practice their social and emotional skills – and their sense of social responsibility. Morningside Center supports after-school programs in two ways: 

  • We facilitate engaging workshops on social and emotional learning (SEL), restorative practices, and equity for the staff of after-school programs that are part of NYC’s Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD).
  • We operate our own after-school program that focuses on social and emotional learning and equity.

SEL Workshops for After-School Staff

Morningside Center offers hands-on workshops for the staff of NYC after-school programs. Our workshops model and demonstrate interactive approaches staff can use with youth to build their social and emotional skills, foster awareness, and encourage leadership. This includes:

  • fun gatherings and games to open and close workshops
  • establishing community agreements
  • using small groups, pair-shares and other engaging formats
  • group-building activities
  • group problem-solving strategies
  • using teachable moments to bolster the SEL skills that young people are learning
  • relating SEL skills to arts programming, to sports, and to other program elements

PAZ After-School Program

Morningside Center partners with PS 24 in Brooklyn to run an exemplary after-school program called PAZ (PAZ stands for Peace from A to Z.)

The PAZ program combines a rich menu of after-school activities (including the arts, science, sports, community engagement, and academic support) with a strong focus on building social and emotional skills and fostering a sense of social awareness and social responsibility. 

PAZ students
  • Our PAZ after-school programs help young people in Brooklyn and the Bronx build their social and emotional skills, do better academically, and have fun!  

  • Every PAZ program engages students in the arts, physical activity (from dance to sports), and community engagement projects.  Students also get lots of homework help.

  • Morningside Center shares what we've learned about fostering social and emotional learning in after school through workshops for staff from after-school programs across New York City. 


  • PAZ Peace Fair

    I have been in PAZ for four years and I love it. I am leader in mediation. I would like to be able to visit the program after I graduate and volunteer.

    Christopher, 5th grade
  • PAZ student artwork

    PAZ is really important  to me because I get to help first-graders and kindergartners with their homework. I also get to learn new things and express myself.

    Daniela, 5th grade

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