RCCP Research Study


In December 2003, researchers at Columbia University released the final report on their major 2-year scientific study of the effectiveness of Morningside Center’s Resolving Conflict Creatively Program (RCCP). The study tracked the development of 5,000 children and 300 teachers from 15 NYC public elementary schools.

The study found that compared with children who had little or no exposure to the curriculum, children receiving substantial RCCP instruction from their classroom teachers (on average 25 lessons during the school year) developed more positively.  They saw their social world in a less hostile way, saw violence as an unacceptable option, and chose nonviolent ways to resolve conflict.  The study found that the RCCP benefits all children regardless of gender, grade, or risk status.  In addition, children who received substantial instruction in the RCCP curriculum performed significantly better on standardized academic achievement tests than other children.

Researchers concluded that there was “compelling evidence that [the RCCP] reduces aggression and violence in children and youth and enhances their classroom learning." The study also found that the program is "relatively low in cost and not purchased at the expense of academic achievement.”

See the RCCP researchers' report.