Parent Workshops

Morningside Center’s Parent Workshops help parents and other caregivers develop skills in communication and problem-solving so they can build strong, collaborative relationships with their children. Parents also have the chance to share concerns, experiences, and ideas with other parents and discuss developmental issues their children are facing.

Our "Peace in the Family" parent workshops consist of four three-hour workshops (12 hours per participant). In some schools, we also implement intensive leadership development programs for parents, providing 40 hours of training to prepare parents to facilitate Peace in the Family workshops for other parents. 

Peace in the Family workshops are available for parents of children of pre-school age through adolescence. They are also available in Spanish.

Workshop topics include:

  • Challenges of Parenting & Introduction to Conflict Resolution. Participants share their thoughts and feelings about the difficulties facing young people today; identify issues they face as parents; and learn the five key concepts of conflict resolution.
  • Listening Actively & Building Self-Esteem.  Participants discuss issues they face; examine the role of listening in conflict resolution; and learn skills in creating a climate of respect that promotes cooperative problem-solving.
  • Dealing Well with Anger.Participants practice active listening skills; explore their own responses to anger; and learn strategies for expressing angry feelings.
  • “Peacing” it Together.Participants explore several strategies for settling conflicts with their children; learn a specific problem-solving approach to help them work out conflicts that arise in the family; and affirm each other in their role as parents.