Our Beliefs and Values

A center piece with values cards

Our Beliefs

No one is an island. Our well-being as individuals is inextricably linked with the well-being of our community and the world.

We all have gifts. We all have the capacity to listen, learn, care and act to make life better for ourselves and our community.

We are resilient. We can overcome old hurts, free ourselves from destructive habits, and tap our strengths.

It’s about relationships. With thoughtful, sustained, loving support, we can all develop the capacities we need to thrive and contribute to building a better world.  


Our Values

In all of our work with young people and adults, we aim to foster social responsibility,  which we envision as a stance toward life characterized by

Caring for ourselves, our family and friends, the community, and the world

Awareness of suffering and injustice

Honesty as the foundation for healthy human relationships

Vision of new possibilities locally and globally

Hope that we can create a better world through our actions

Courage to stand up for what is right  and to question our own assumptions and understandings

Curiosity that leads to knowledge about ourselves and the world around us

Understanding of human conflicts and challenges in all their complexity