About TeachableMoment

TeachableMoment, a project of Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, provides timely and free classroom lessons and activities for K-12 educators. TeachableMoment includes hundreds of lessons to help students:

  • learn about, discuss, and engage in current issues

  • develop essential social and emotional skills, from active listening to standing up to bias

TeachableMoment was created in the wake of 9/11. In the days after the tragedy, Morningside Center began hearing from teachers who were looking for ways to sensitively address issues related to the attack and its aftermath in their classrooms. We turned to lifelong educator Alan Shapiro, who had helped found Morningside Center, to help us generate new lessons - and TeachableMoment was born.  

Teachers are free to reproduce TeachableMoment lessons for use in their classrooms. For permission to reprint materials for widespread circulation, please email:  lmcclure@morningsidecenter.org.