The 4Rs+MTP: Research to Enrich SEL Instruction

Morningside Center is currently partnering with researchers on a project to evaluate an innovative approach for improving classroom instruction in social and emotional learning: The 4Rs+My Teaching Partner. 

The 4Rs+MTP represents the integration of two distinct evidence-based programs. One is The 4Rs: Reading Writing, Respect and Resolution, Morningside Center's research-based program, which trains and supports teachers in promoting social and emotional competencies through the language arts curriculum for students in grades K-5.  The other is MyTeachingPartner (MTP), an innovative approach to teacher coaching that provides teachers with consistent, confidential, video based, 1:1 coaching and support centered on teacher-student interactions. 

In September 2014, Fordham University’s Department of Psychology received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education to partner with Morningside Center and the University of Virginia’s School of Education to conduct a study to examine the impact of combining The 4Rs with My Teaching Partner on teachers’ well-being, classroom interactions, and students’ academic and social and emotional functioning in New York City public elementary schools.

The interactions that the MTP coaching model focuses on are outlined in the CLASS, a rubric developed at the University of Virginia, that looks at how the quality of teacher-student interactions support student learning. All coaches on the 4Rs+MTP project were trained in the CLASS as well as in social and emotional learning, and brought a wealth of experience and expertise to bear in this project.

The project involved 60 schools and 325 third and fourth grade teachers in those schools. About half of the schools and teachers were assigned to an intervention group and received The 4Rs curriculum, eight cycles of confidential, video-based, one-on-one MTP coaching, and participated in research activities. About half the schools and teachers were assigned to a control group and received a small stipend while participating in identical research activities. (See this New York Times' story on the project.)

Researchers are currently analyzing the data, while the 4Rs+MTP coaching team is analyzing and capturing lessons learned on the coaching model.

We're hopeful about the positive outcomes of this extensive study, and look forward to sharing the results.