Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons


Surprise Victory at Standing Rock

Students read about and discuss the movement by the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies to stop a pipeline – and the Army Corps of Engineers' decision to reverse its approval for the pipeline section, for now. 


Exploring Solidarity, Post-Election

Through small-group activities, students learn about and discuss acts of solidarity and mutual support in the wake of the presidential election.


Sanctuary Cities in the Spotlight

What are sanctuary cities, and why are they girding for conflict in the wake of Trump’s election? Students explore the concept of "sanctuary" and learn about efforts by advocates to defend undocumented immigrants. 


Anti-Immigrant Bias, Then & Now

Students learn about opposition to past waves of U.S. immigrants and consider Donald Trump's immigration stance in light of that history.


Building Community, Post-Election: The Power of Kindness

In this activity students think about ways to be kind, and create a wall or bulletin board of art and writing to remind each other of the power of kindness and how everyday actions can make a difference in the world. 


Building Community, Post-Election: Sharing our Values

This activity aims to help students create a classroom and school community that is safe, welcoming and supportive, despite some turmoil in the outside world. 


Rethinking Thanksgiving

Students untangle facts and myths about Thanksgiving through reading, discussion, and roleplaying through tweets. 


Election Emotions: Sharing & Community-Building

In this activity, students share their feelings about the election, have a listening circle, and then participate in a community-building activity. 


Addressing Election Anxiety

The 2016 election has caused anxiety among many students, as well as a surge in bullying and harassment in many schools. We provide suggestions for supporting students and strengthening your classroom community in these challenging times.


Dog-Whistle Politics: Talking About Race Without Talking About Race

Students consider the history of "dog-whistle” politics and whether the current campaign season marks a break from the past practice by making racial references overt.