Classroom Lessons

Classroom Lessons

We’ve added a new feature to TeachableMoment: Teachable Instant. These short activities (5-15 minutes) aim to get your students talking about a topic in the news or on the calendar. We’ll aim to have a new one ready for you every school day Monday morning.


Responding to the Paris Attacks

This activity uses tweets to help cultivate caring and compassion in the wake of terrorist attacks on Paris and elsewhere.  Please also see these general guidelines for discussing these upsetting events. 


Guidelines for Discussing the Paris Attacks

These guidelines may help you in conducting discussions with students who  may be upset about the Paris attacks. 


University of Missouri: A win for students against racism

In this brief Teachable Instant activity, students learn about how organizing by Black students and their allies at the University of Missouri led to the resignation of the university's president and helped spark a wave of organizing on campuses nationwide. 


A socialist for president? Sanders' democratic socialism

What is 'democratic socialism'? Bernie Sanders' presidential bid is raising a question many Americans have never considered. In two readings, students explore Sanders' version of socialism and learn some background about democratic socialism in Europe and the U.S.


Keystone XL Pipeline Defeated

This brief Teachable Instant activity explores the fight over the Keystone XL Pipeline - and how climate activists finally succeeded in defeating the project. 


The Candidates on the Death Penalty

In this brief Teachable Instant activity, students learn some facts about the death penalty, discuss the 2016 presidential candidates' positions on the issue, and consider strongest arguments for and against capital punishment. 


Parent 'Table Talk': Sports, Mascots & Bias

This activity is part of the Anti-Defamation League's Table Talk series, which provides conversation starters, questions, and resources for parents to talk with their children about current events. 


A Halloween Circle on Fear

This classroom activity uses Halloween as a taking off point for students to share their experiences of being fearful, explore how fear is a normal part of life, and share ways we can handle our fear. The activity is structured as a circle, but can be adapted for other formats. For an introduction to the circle process, click here.


The candidates on student debt

What do we do about the high cost of college and rocketing student debt? This brief Teachable Instant activity explores the 2016 presidential candidates' positions, encourages critical thinking on the numbers, and invites student research. 


The growing fossil fuel divestment movement

Students learn about the growing movement by climate change activists to get universities and other institutions to divest from fossil fuels and explore the connection between this movement and the successful divestment campaign against apartheid South Africa.