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Photo © Carolina Kroon
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Presenting... Restore360!

For the past three years, Morningside Center has partnered with the NYC Department of Education to bring "restorative circles" to schools throughout the city. This represents one of the largest efforts in the country to replace "zero tolerance" and other punitive approaches to discipline with a positive approach that builds community and fosters students' social & emotional learning.
This fall, as the program continues to spread in NYC and beyond, we have given it a name of its own: Restore360.  Find out more about Restore360's transformative effects on students and schools. 

Live, Research & Learn:

4 Lessons on Working with Researchers

Morningside Center Executive Director Tom Roderick shares insights from our 26 years of collaboration with researchers in this blogpost, orginally for the WT Grant Foundation. 

Job Openings!

Morningside Center is seeking experienced, resourceful educators strongly committed to social and emotional learning (SEL) to join our team of staff-developers in transforming schools. Our per diem staff developers provide ongoing support to schools in implementing our evidence-based programs for grades pre-k to 12. 

See a full job description and instructions for applying here.  
Download a pdf version here. 


NY Times reports on our cutting edge coaching process!

This wonderful piece by Suzanne Bouffard in the NY Times blog (4/30/14) highlights our collaboration with researchers to develop a powerful teacher coaching method as part of our 4Rs Program. Bouffard shows how this innovative coaching process helps teachers transform their classrooms as they teach and practice SEL skills. 

Education Week features our 4Rs Program

"I don't want to be the police person in the classroom," said 4Rs teacher Nydia Mendez. "I really want them to solve their own problems and become independent with that."

Morningside Center's Tom Roderick adds, "It's about teaching kids skills and giving opportunities to practice and apply them to real-life situations. ... It's problem-solving."

Photo of PS 24 students in 4Rs class by Emile Wamsteker for Education Week