2nd Grade Restorative Problem Solving Process

May 6, 2019

In this video a second grade class looks to problem solve the issue of “being left out” in school.


Focus: Group Problem Solving to Address Exclusion in Second Grade 
Time: 8:45
Who & Where: Center for the Collaborative Classroom, Alameda, CA 
Grade Level: Elementary

Description: In this video students go through a restorative problem solving process to address the issue of being left out. Student first explore a time when they were left out of a group activity and what happened.  Next students think about and discuss what they can do when they’re being left out or when they see someone else being left out.  They share out solutions with the rest of the group.  Finally students are asked to think about when they leave someone out, what can they do to make it right with that person.  Before wrapping up the teacher summarizes some of the solutions the students came up with to include student and make things right as needed.  She promises to chart the solutions for students to review and revisit after recess to see how they did and find out if any new ideas should be added to the chart.