Roberta Davenport, Principal
PS 307, Brooklyn:

"Morningside Center is a  true partner in educating the whole child. As a principal, you can have the vision, you can get people ready, but then you have to find the right resource that matches your own vision, your own expectations. The teachers like the curriculum, it is teacher friendly it is clear, it is relevant, and it fills in those missing pieces for my teachers."  Principal Davenport, Elementary School Brooklyn from Morningside Center


David Cintron, Principal
PS 214, Bronx:

"We’re excited about the direction we’re going. We have a framework now, we have a curriculum now, and we have teams that are seeing the work through. Our staff is coming together to think about how we integrate social and emotional learning in a very deliberate and purposeful way... I didn't expect the school community at large to take it on so quickly.  Teachers say to me, 'I'd never thought of this before, and I don't know why we didn't do this ten years ago.'"  Principal David Cintron, PS 214 Bronx from Morningside Center


Dawn Pagliaro, Teacher
PS 130, Brooklyn:

"I began this work thinking, 'Let's get these kids to get along so I can make it through the day.' But now it really is blossoming...I notice a big difference in my class. They're more of a community now, and they're really having fun seeing the progress that is being made."  Ms. Pagliaro PS 130 3rd Grade Teacher from Morningside Center