Election Lessons

Dog-Whistle Politics: Talking About Race Without Talking About Race
Posted on: Oct. 30, 2016

Students consider the history of "dog-whistle” politics and whether the current campaign season marks a break from the past practice by making racial references overt. 


2016 Presidential Election: A Dialogue
Posted on: Oct. 24, 2016

This activity has students step into the shoes of voters whose views they may not agree with - and roleplay a dialogue.

Are our political parties realigning - again?
Posted on: Oct. 21, 2016

Students consider how the Republican and Democratic Parties have evolved over time — and whether a new 'realignment' is happening today.


Trump, Clinton & Taxes
Posted on: Oct. 16, 2016

After a quick quiz, students learn about the candidates' tax proposals and discuss our nation's complex and contentious tax policies. 


Trump Video: Teachable Moment on Sexism
Posted on: Oct. 11, 2016

Updated: The presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on October 9, 2016, raised some important but difficult issues about sexism and sexual assault. In this activity, students learn about and discuss the controversy, hear and discuss Michelle Obama's comments about it, share thoughts and feelings in a "listening circle," and brainstorm ways we can increase our respect for each other.


Fact-checking the 2016 Presidential Election
Posted on: Oct. 2, 2016

Are the candidates telling the truth? Students learn tips for fact-checking and research campaign issues they're most interested in.


Could the U.S. Move Beyond a Two-Party System?
Posted on: Sep. 4, 2016

Polls show that a high percentage of voters are dissatisfied with the 2016 presidential nominees of both major parties. And yet, as in past years, third parties have struggled to gain a foothold. In this lesson, students learn about U.S. election laws that make it difficult for third parties to emerge, and discuss reforms activists have proposed to give voters more choices. 


About those Conventions...
Posted on: Aug. 16, 2016

Splits and controversies made for extra drama at this summer's Democratic and Republican national conventions. In this activity, students learn about and discuss what conventions are for and how they work, and what happened at the conventions this summer. 


The Significance of Electing Women
Posted on: Jul. 4, 2016

Hillary Clinton stands on the brink of becoming the country's first female president. In the lesson, students learn about women who have run for president in the past and consider the significance of having a woman as president of the United States.


Everyday people resisting Islamophobia
Posted on: Jun. 20, 2016

In this brief Teachable Instant activity, students learn about ways that people in the U.S. and around the world have stood up to anti-Muslim bias.